Specializing in estate planning, probate, and trust administration.
Wendy Ovalle


Wendy began working at a law firm in Oakland in 2000 that specialized in estate planning while attending college.  This area of the law was so intriguing to her that after graduating from California State University, Hayward with a B.A. in 2001, she enrolled in the paralegal certificate program. Wendy obtained her ABA-Approved Paralegal Certificate in 2004 and began working as a paralegal at Osterloh & Orta LLP when they first formed.

Wendy has had personal experience with both trust administration, as well as probate administration, within her own family and knows first-hand how much easier it is when an estate plan is in place.

Wendy enjoys this area of the law, as it gives her a chance to provide a wonderful service that will help protect families and assets in the future.  She enjoys meeting clients of all ages and backgrounds and learning about who they are, as well as who they want to provide for in the future. For some clients this can be a difficult stage in their lives, and showing them that they can depend on our office to help them is fulfilling for her.

Originally from Alameda, Wendy now lives in Castro Valley with her husband and two young children.  Wendy is active in her children’s school and on weekends you can find Wendy on a field or court either cheering on her children or cheering on our Oakland teams.  In addition, Wendy is administrator for East Bay Trusts and Estates Lawyers and is involved in all of the continuing education events they provide.

Wendy hopes that your experience with our office can provide you with peace of mind.